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Track Name: Madre Negra
Oh aurora tenebrosa que desperta
Quando retorno ao sepulcro de minha alcova
Oh madre negra...
Senhora dos desejos mais profundos
Nesta noite aguardo por ti e teus malditos beijos!
Track Name: Les Poètes Maudits
Dark angels of the death
By the light of the moon
Spell summon for the childrens of the night
The kiss of disgrace
Your blood is myself
And tour fear and pleasure will be mine…

Les poèts maudits, a vampire clan

Macabre inspiration
I write poetry with red
Scarlets poets of the dark
Fullmoon’s kisses
My muse from the night
That comes from the heart…

Les poèts maudits, a vampire clan
Track Name: Bizarre Waltz
Dancing with demons in shine’s moon
I kissed the bitterness face
The hand of death touched my soul
The beauty in black seduced me

Bizarre waltz...

The sinister music of our dance
In cold wither garden
The fragrant of sick flowers

I am suffering for you
I am waiting for you…
Cursed love of disgrace
The kiss of destruction

A la profundeur d’um infer gelé,
Oh dame obscure,
J’attends pour vous pedant siécles
Pour danser la musique
De nôtre amour…
Valse bizarre…

We dancing with sounds of lament’s pain
We dancing in this frozen hell

I am suffering for you
I am bleeding for you
Track Name: Post Mortem Martyrium
Rain and thunders laments
The cries for me, after the funeral ritual
The chrysanthemums perfume in my bed of flowers

Lonely and lost, I walk in the cemetery gates…
The new ghost in the darkland

Blasphemies calls from the grave, I living a misery life after death
The angel stone have cold my faith, the skepticism grown my hate
My spirit run in a necropolis, where dead emotions paint my hope

I can’t touch you, you can’t look me
Give me a last kiss from here to eternity…

Postmortem martyrium
Track Name: Fear and Despair in The Darkzone
Fear and despair in the dark zone
Fallen souls is burning in hell
Bizarre visions in the dark zone
The Christiana decay in the eternal damnation
Fear and despair in the dark zone
The punisher of hell will come

The obscene purgatory arise
Destroyer of cursed souls ( false idols)

No god!
The christ is not here…

By the flames of hell
The grays falls in the phantom city
Fell the fear and despair of thousand spirits
Track Name: Darkness (is just the begining...)
"I’m the lord of darkness
I require the solace of shadows… and the dark of night
Sunshine in my destroyer
All this shall change…
Tonight the sun sets forever
There shall never be another dawn"

No sun
No light!
I am darkness…

I am the blade of revenge
In this night the eternal fire burns
By the power of black moon

I am the eyes of shadows
Gods of the night illuminates my mind
By the black light of my spirit

I reign in the darkness…