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Track Name: Remords Posthume (A Funeral Preludium)
"...Que vous sert, courtisane imparfaite,
De n'avoir pas connu ce que pleurent les morts?
- Et le ver rongera ta peau comme un remords.”

(Poem from Le Fleurs du Mal, Charles Baudelaire)
Track Name: Four Centuries of Remorse, Hate and Lamentations
In a garden wither, my soul walks in agony
Lost forever… Flowers of Evil
Darkness alive, I hate my destiny
My heart is black and my soul is gray…
Lunatic Celebration
Live for the death
Kill for by life
Love the dead

Centuries of Remorse,
Years of Hate,
Days of Lamentations…

For eternally…
I write my history with blood
Drinking in a chalice of disgrace
Track Name: Dark Side of Paradise
The Dark Redemption
Dead Elisian Fields
Clouds grays in the sky
Saturnine Angels
Throne´s Beast
Supreme Pain of Souls
Black Wings Flies
Sinister Symphonie
Rivers of Red Tears
Thorny Hearts in Fires
Serpents rise
Caduceu´s Symbol
The Light of Darkness
Laments of Saints
Where the life ends

The Darkside of Paradise…

Divinus Tristis
Nocturnus Dominus
Indignus Sanctus
Track Name: Absinthe
My Absinthe…

"Absinthe… is the aphrodisiac of the self
The green fairy who lives in the absinthe
wants your soul… but you are safe with me."

An unmemories Temptations
Obscure drink on flesh
Open souls from free minds
Green light in my eyes opens the vision
Libertine spirits run the ways of surrealism
Desires raises from my hearts
Key of the past, gate of the illusions
I drunk the present for look the away

Poison and Blood, My Absinthe…

Drinks and words does make the damned poetries
Track Name: Black Eyes, Red Drink
I look with my black eyes, I need the red drink...

The blood is mine
Obscure seduction
Let you in my arms
The eternal life
In a kiss, I stolen your hope

Your beauty attracts me
My Scarlet Rose
I bite your flesh
You drink my damned wine

I lick your nice skin
I kiss your sweet lips
You break the symbol of Christ!
Change for me in this Night

Look me with your new eyes
You are slave´s my desires
and you never be die…

You are my vampire bride
Now, you have a dark heart


I condemned you to eternal hungry for blood

The blood is mine…
Track Name: A Black Rose for My White Bride
Oh! My True Love
Goddess of My Desire
I love you
A Black Rose of Death

The Mourning of Sigh
My Darling come to me
Leave me to the other side
Give me a kiss from eternal peace…

Reverences on your grave
The bed of eternal sleep
Blood tears fall on my face
My soul suffer in the infernal deep...

Dark Angel of Pain
The death used white
Lovers damned in fade
Together in a ward...

Oh! My Beauty…
Eternal cold mourning
Thorns of My Heart
Oh! My Desolation

Oh! My Lady
Goddess of My Pain
I cry on your grave
My Little Flower of Evil